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For many people texting is part of modern society and there’s a growing incidence of muscle strain in thumbs. This was formerly colloquially  known as a ‘Crackberry’ thumb because users who had sore thumbs were apparently addicted to using their BlackBerry smart phone devices. However, it stands to reason that protracted texting may do more…

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For many people this is going to be hard to believe but the world’s greatest athlete has revealed one of his secrets to success – and it’s chiropractic sessions! That’s right, Usain Bolt, the 100 metres Olympic champion, says he couldn’t do without regular chiropractic care to help keep him in top shape. Actually for…

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In reply to the frequently asked question “How much exercise should I be doing?” North London Chiropractor Dylan Paydar tends to first explain that there are of course different types of exercises. There are stretching exercises good for tight muscles and joints, strengthening exercises good for over mobile joints and for preventing future problems as…