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The Christmas countdown has begun and for many the rush to the shops is on. From purchasing gifts to getting in the extra groceries, shopping bags tend to be bigger and heavier at Christmas time. Carrying and lifting often result in back problems, which is why we have put together tips for you to follow…

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We can’t stress the benefits of walking enough. However, it would seem that the British public have plenty of excuses that stop them in their tracks, according to recent research undertaken by BUPA. According to the research, the average Brit walks only 10 minutes a day during the working week. Medical advice suggests that the…

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If research carried out in Australia last year is anything to go by then it could be. The research suggested that people who were working in roles they didn’t enjoy were more likely to suffer persistent back pain than those people with a more positive attitude. The research was undertaken by an orthopaedic surgeon and…