Conditions of Special Offer

  • This offer is valid for new patients or those who have not visited the clinic in the last 8 years only.
  • Offer does not include treatment. Treatment is £33 per visit.
  • Patients will be charged £40 for the consultation and examination.
  • Only patients who the chiropractor deems have a clinical justification for x-rays or scans will be referred. The cost of these are not part of this offer and would have to be met by the patient, if they decide to go ahead.
  • If subsequent to commencing treatment under this offer the chiropractor deems that x-rays become necessary the patient will be liable for the cost of these.
  • Pregnant women cannot be x-rayed for health reasons.
  • Women who may be pregnant cannot be x-rayed.
  • Original x-rays and scans remain the property of Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic in accordance with General Chiropractic Council Regulations.


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