4 Ways To Avoid Neck Pain

Dylan Paydar, North London Chiropractor, shares 4 Ways to Avoid Neck Pain.

avoid neck pain by north london chiropractor Lots of people suffer with neck pain and our leading North London chiropractor can help sufferers overcome this.

Because neck pain affects adults of all ages and from all backgrounds we thought we would offer four useful ways to avoid neck pain in the first place.

However, if you suffer from neck pain and as a result can’t move as freely as you did, can’t sleep properly, or can’t work, then it may be time to see a chiropractor. These self help tips can help to compliment treatment and hopefully lessen the likelihood of it happening again.


This is so important that it needs repeating so the message gets home. Basically, you should never sit or stand for too long in the same position. You need to exercise your back and neck by moving them around. Try to do this a few times an hour. It’s also important that you try to do this on long journeys. If you are driving it is good to take a break, get out of the car and walk around every hour or two. Using an ergonomically correct chair will help prevent neck pain if you have a desk job – it will prove to be a great long term investment! Also where possible have an ergonomic assessment of your work station carried out.


Sleep is vital for our everyday well being but sleeping incorrectly may cause neck pain. However, sleeping in the correct position is also very important. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as this will put stress and strain on your neck, which could lead to pain. Try to sleep on your back using a medium-to-firm pillow with good neck support. Sleeping on your side is also a good way to sleep. Make sure you have proper support for your neck. There are specially designed pillows available for side-sleepers. Here is a link to some great products http://www.spinalproducts.co.uk/products/neckcare/neckcarepillows.html


Try to take the time out to relax on a regular basis as this will help prevent neck pain. You can relax tight neck muscles by taking a hot bath or letting the hot water in a shower fall directly on the neck. You can also use hot packs. For those with an active condition ice may be better. Every day you should try some gentle stretching by rotating your head around clockwise and counter-clockwise through its full range of motion.

Learn new habits

In addition to the above, if you already have neck pain, try to think about which activity or activities could be causing it. Whatever it is, try to modify your posture when doing it, or in some cases you will have to stop doing it in the short and possibly long term. Even if you don’t have neck pain, still look out for bad postural habits as a preventative measure. It is possible to ‘unlearn’ what it is you are doing. For instance, do you hold the phone between your neck and shoulder? If yes, then use a headset or the speakerphone function instead. Also avoid carrying your bag on the same shoulder all the time as this may cause neck and/or shoulder pain. Find your unhealthy habit and replace it with a healthy one.

Of course, for some, it is appropriate to visit a chiropractor regularly for check-ups, advice and treatment. This is because there are however some bad postures that make it impossible for us to avoid e.g. our lifestyles, childcare and work.

As a North London based chiropractor we would be pleased to hear from you or you can learn more about what chiropractic is and what it can do for you here on our website.



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