Chiropractic can get to the source of your headaches suggests this North London Chiropractor …

north london chiropractor advice for headachesWhile aspirin can be a temporary headache treatment,  chiropractic can often offer a longer lasting result.  A good chiropractor will not just treat the symptoms of your headache but will find the source of your pain and treat that.

As an experienced North London Chiropractor I see many patients suffering from headaches.

Treatment of headache sufferers will often involve adjustments to their neck.  I will often provide them with muscle strengthening and stretching exercises to perform and offer them self-help advice to follow.

Frequently posture correction will help in preventing headaches from returning.  However,  long standing problems may take a longer course of treatment to correct.

Relaxation techniques can also be beneficial to sufferers and can be more effective than medication. Headache sufferers can benefit from learning relaxation techniques.

Dietary and lifestyle changes can help with controlling some people’s headaches.  This can be effective especially if it is combined with chiropractic treatment to the neck which can frequently be the cause of headaches.

In the event of a headache attack,  as a chiropractor in North London,  I recommend that my patients:

• lie down and try to sleep

• drink lots of water (2-3 glasses should suffice)

• put your feet in cold water or something cold

If you are suffering from headaches that are getting you down the why not call us at Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic in North London and make an appointment to see how chiropractic treatment could help you.


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