Staying Active – Get outside and take a walk. Muswell Hill Chiropractor Dylan Paydar shares some local walks to try …

local walks in north london from muswell hill chiropractorThere is a significant amount of scientific evidence available to demonstrate that being physically active helps us to lead healthier and even happier lives.

As a leading North London Chiropractor I can’t stress enough to my patients the benefits of taking regular exercise.

However, for many the 21st century lifestyle has seen a reduction in the amount and intensity of physical activity that people undertake on a regular basis. Technology as a whole has made our lives easier, cars and public transport mean we walk less, TV and computers entertain us from the comfort of our sofas and fewer of us are doing manual work.

Unless we compensate for the above, this reduction in physical activity could mean our health is suffering.

One of the best and probably the simplest exercise we can do is walk. Some other benefits of walking is that it is completely free and is something that all the family can get involved in.

Our walking pace needs to be of a moderate intensity to make it count. So the walking we do to count as ‘exercise’ needs to raise our heart rate and result in us breaking into a sweat.

Living around Muswell Hill and surrounding areas of North London offers an unlimited supply of places we can walk, including  Alexandra Park, Hampstead Heath or alternatively a 12 mile borough wide walk, known as the Better Haringey Trail..

The Better Haringey Trail which is a 12 mile borough wide circular walk. The trail connects many sites of historical and environmental importance in the borough. It takes in Bruce Castle, Wood Green, Highgate , Finsbury Park and Tottenham Hale and is 19 km or 12 miles long. Don’t worry you can take shorter walks within the trail and there is plenty of public transport.

The trail was developed by Haringey council in 2005 as part of the Better Haringey programme to improve the quality of life of local residents.

You can download a trail map and guide and get more information at the Haringey Council website here.

We are fortunate in North London to have some great parks to take advantage of. On our doorstep, Alexandra Park offers us access to 190 acres of extensive unspoilt parklands and meadow. The Park , as you probably know is around Alexandra Palace at Wood Green.

Another park is Lee Valley Park. It is a chain of green spaces which form a regional park along the Lee Valley in East and North London.

We hope you take time out to enjoy the walk included here and the local parks in North London. Using the comments section below, let us know how they go for you and let us know of any walks you know of in the local areas around Muswell Hill and North London that you enjoy so we can share these with others.


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