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Bank holiday weekend is close and it’s a big one!  The August bank holiday weekend is one where all the kids have been off school for weeks and hopefully the weather is great.  Many people decide to go and visit family hundreds of miles across the country, a lot of people decide to go camping…

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By Tramadol Online

As a chiropractor in Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic,  a busy clinic in North London,  many new patients who I treat have some idea of what a chiropractor does before coming to the clinic but are often surprised at what chiropractors really do. You may be wondering yourself what a chiropractor does and I hope the…

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If research carried out in Australia last year is anything to go by then it could be. The research suggested that people who were working in roles they didn’t enjoy were more likely to suffer persistent back pain than those people with a more positive attitude. The research was undertaken by an orthopaedic surgeon and…

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Tramadol Online United States

With Andy Murray’s recent success at Wimbledon, many people are digging out their tennis racquets and heading to the courts for a spot of tennis. As a Chiropractor in North London I encourage people to get outdoors and take regular exercise, however, this always comes with the caution of taking precautions against injuries and strains.…