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While we certainly advocate taking regular exercise it is important to do so in a safe way. Exercise adds pressure to our joints and muscles. If not done properly it can cause issues to your back and neck. If you’re heading to the gym to exercise then here is some advice to follow to keep…

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If you’ve spotted some signs of spring already you’re not alone. It would seem that so far our winter has been very mild if exceptionally wet and plants and wildlife are acting accordingly, with people spotting daffodils, primroses and snowdrops coming up. However, this mild spell may not last so here are 5 ways to…

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You may have started a diet as part of your New Year resolutions or considering a diet option but with so many options available how do you decide which one is right for you? The good news is that the British Dietetic Association (BDA) has reviewed some of the most popular diets and come up…

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As a chiropractor in North London I can’t stress enough the benefits of taking regular exercise to my patients. In fact many patients come to me with back or neck problems after they have dropped out of their exercise regime for a few months. However, in the winter and early spring, with the variable temperature,…

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There’s nothing worse than waking up the day after a good gardening session, only to find you have terrible lower back pain. The pain puts people off from tending to their gardens but with some preparation you can avoid the pain. Back pain may not become excessive whilst doing the actual activity, but usually comes…