Planning to get on your bike – Keep your body in good condition with advice from a North London Chiropractor

Last Updated on Monday, 24 November 2014 05:44 Written by Dylan Paydar Monday, 18 August 2014 09:27

Chiropractor North LondonThe summer may be nearing to an end and for many of us that will mean no more casual cycling.  However since the exploits of the British cycling teams from the 2008  Olympics through to the 2013 Tour De France and ever since,  cycling has been a growing sport in the UK.  Numbers have grown to a staggering amount and this means more and more of us are mountain biking,  commuting to work on a bike,  leisure riding and even road racing.

As a leading North London Chiropractor,  a great many of my patients are cyclists and I often advise them on how to keep their back safe and their body in good condition.

All about posture and precautions
• Warm up and cool down – Like with any exercise activity this is important.  Stretching, warming up and cooling down are one of the most important things you can do to avoid injuries.  Without stretching your body will be stiff and you’ll be more likely to pull a muscle or hurt yourself.

• Get your posture right -  Don’t over extend reaching for the handlebars.   Essentially make sure you are not putting any unnecessary strain on your body.  Make sure you can stand easily as well.

• Change your position – Try standing up at some stages and sitting down at others.  It is important not to be hunched over your bike for too long a period of time.

• Keep your tyres pumped up – It may sound simple but it is remarkably effective.  A tyre with poor air pressure will not only make your cycling more difficult and heavy but you will be putting extra strain on your body.  That extra strain will increase the likelihood of injuries and that can all be avoided by putting air in your tyres.

• Invest in good suspension –  Whether you are a road cyclist or a mountain biker you will need good suspension.  The type of suspension will vary depending on what you are doing and the surface you are riding on but ultimately you need to invest in good suspension.  Stop your body and your back taking all the shocks.

• Strengthen your back – If you do this your back will be a stronger part of your body and will cope with the pressures cycling exerts on it.

If you are planning on cycling a lot or you have any sporting injuries or other concerns please get in touch with us as we offer a lot of help and advice to get you back up and running as soon as possible. You can contact us at the Muswell Hill Chiropractic clinic on 020 8442 008.

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Keep your back safe when you are travelling this summer – Tips from a Chiropractor in North London

Last Updated on Monday, 24 November 2014 06:30 Written by Dylan Paydar Tuesday, 29 July 2014 11:23

Chiropractor North LondonWe are in the middle of holiday season. Many of us have already been on holiday and many of us will be heading off shortly. Whether you are going for a week or 2 in the sun, an active holiday in a country park, a “staycation” or just taking time off work we need to look after ourselves.  As a leading chiropractor in North London I come across a lot of patients who experience back issues after time off work and I feel it is my duty to offer advice to you.

For various reasons you might find yourself with a few body aches;  perhaps you took an active holiday and forgot to stretch,  maybe you took time off work and painted your house or sat on the couch for prolonged periods of time.  Perhaps you were driving for 10 hours to get to Scotland or sat on a plane for 5 hours to get to Turkey.

Whatever the type of holiday,  I as a busy chiropractor in North London have seen it all and I often advise my patients to keep their back and body safe by:

  • Avoiding stiffness

You should aim to keep your body moving even if you are confined to a plane, bus or car.  Do a series of shoulder shrugs, buttock clenches, and foot circles at regular intervals to keep your body a bit loose.

  • Keeping hydrated

Dehydration won’t necessarily lead to back pain and bodily injuries but the effects of dehydration might. Avoid lethargic feelings and headaches by drinking plenty of water.   It really does make a significant difference.

  • Get moving as soon as you’ve finished travelling (by car, bus, train, or plane)

This is a simple piece of advice. As soon as you have finished travelling or even painting,  get moving.  Just move around and limber up,  it will help.

  • Take regular breaks (if you’re driving or sat on the couch)

Sometimes you can control your scenario on your holiday.  If  for example you are driving or just sat at home or on the beach relaxing you have all the control.  Make sure you use this wisely and get moving around every now and then. Try and avoid being sat in the same position for longer than 40 minutes.

  • Avoid putting your body into awkward positions

Another simple piece of advice I give as a busy chiropractor in North London is to avoid putting your body into awkward positions.  It may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many people do it.  Just keep an eye on how you are sat down or lying down.

  • Make your luggage easy to find

Don’t mess around with lifting other people’s luggage out the way to find yours at the airport,  bus station or on the train.  Make sure you know where your luggage is and don’t hurt yourself moving other people’s heavy bags out of the way.

If you feel like you need any further advice or a one-to-one session to avoid any back and neck pains during the summer  then please contact us at the Muswell Hill Chiropractic clinic on 020 8442 008.

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Keep your back safe on your summer holidays with advice from a chiropractor from North London

Last Updated on Monday, 24 November 2014 06:45 Written by Dylan Paydar Friday, 18 July 2014 05:26

Chiropractor North LondonIt is that time of year again, the holiday season.  We all get excited for our plans whether we are going abroad,  going on a ‘staycation’ or just planning some time off work.  Whatever your plans,  my advice to you as a leading Chiropractor in North London is to keep your back safe during this period.

Your time off work may be spent on a fitness camp,  zip wiring down a gorge or white water rafting.  It may include painting your garden fence and trimming the hedges,  it may include lounging on a lilo.  These are all activities that if you’re not careful can lead to back pain.

As part of my duties as a chiropractor in North London,  I often advise my clients how to keep their back safe on their summer holidays.  If you are getting ready for your holiday then we have put together some tips to help you avoid unnecessary injuries while handling your luggage:

  • Buy the lightest case you can and ensure it has wheels.  Always check the weight of the empty case – looks can be deceiving.
  • Pack two lighter cases rather than on heavy one.  Distributing the weight across 2 cases will make them easier and safer to carry.
  • Push your case in front of you if it has wheels.  Most people pull their cases behind them which in turn cause them to twist their bodies and backs.  This in turn can lead to undue strain on your back.
  • Start your journey rested.  Many accidents and injuries result from tiredness.  Get a good night’s sleep before travelling and be mindful of your actions.
  • Don’t overdo it.  Whether you are resting on a sun lounger or racing down a cycle track you must listen to your body and don’t push it to extremes. 

If you feel like you need any further advice or a one-to-one session to avoid any back and neck pains during the summer then please contact us at  Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic on 020 8442 008.

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