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North London ChiropractorAll across North London and the country there will be plenty of people suffering from back pain.  It isn’t a very nice thing to deal with;  it can hurt a lot, make you lethargic and in particularly bad cases can leave you all but debilitated. Many of us suffering with back pain will turn to a painkiller to help us out but does paracetamol actually do anything?  As a busy North London Chiropractor one of the most common injuries my clients come in with is back pain.  This leaves me well-placed to offer you advice on back pain and how to treat it.

Types of back pain

Back pain comes in all different shapes and sizes and the key to getting your treatment right is finding out which type of back pain you are suffering with.  There are a few different types of back pain:

Mechanical – This is what the majority of people that suffer with back pain have.  It means that there are no serious underlying issues and conditions and no trapped nerves.  It is not always clear what causes mechanical back pain but it can often be because of poor posture and sitting in an uncomfortable position.

Wear and tear – Quite simply as we get older our body gets older and wear and tear may contribute to back pain. The shock absorbing pads or discs on your spine can narrow with age and cause stiffness and pain.

Trapped nerves – Potentially the most serious type of back pain is that of trapped nerves, but essentially this can also happen because of wear and tear or mechanical problems.

 Paracetamol and coping with back pain

As a leading North London chiropractor I get asked by patients if painkillers will help or which painkillers can I recommend.  Many of us will take paracetamol to cope with back pain,  some of you will think this helps but research carried out in Australia with 1650 sufferers of back pain begs to differ.  The research looked at sufferers taking regular doses of the common painkiller and sufferers using a ‘placebo’ and saw no difference in the recovery time of the back pain sufferers.

This isn’t to say that medical advice should change on the basis of one study or that other painkillers won’t help but that paracetamol may not be as effective as you think.

Treating back pain

By taking painkillers you are actually hiding the problem.  The best way to treat back pain is to visit a chiropractor.  We are highly trained professionals that are governed by national regulations and we are experts in the field.  As a north London Chiropractor I will  assess a patient to discover the true extent of any back pain before deciding upon a course of treatment. This will usually involve manual sessions but can come in the form of acupuncture,  life-style advice stretching exercises or general rehabilitation.

If you feel like you need any further advice or a one-to-one session to avoid any back pains,  then please  contact us at the Muswell Hill Chiropractic clinic on 020 8442 008.

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Bad Back? It Could Be Your Commute that’s causing it. A North London Chiropractor offers some advice.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 01:23 Written by Dylan Paydar Monday, 11 March 2013 01:43

commuting advice fromnorth london chiropractorThe average commute is now just over 52 minutes per day according to new research undertaken by the TUC. While the average commute time for men has lowered over the last 6 years, women’s commute times have increased.

Of course this is the average commute time across the whole of the UK and commute times vary considerably. Commuting in, out and around London for most of us is a necessary evil and not surprisingly Londoners have the longest average commute at 75 minutes.

Commuting can have an impact on our health and wellbeing. Research undertaken by the British Chiropractic Association showed that one in three commuters, i.e. (32%) of the sample group, are suffering from back pain. Awareness of this is positive news as there may be measures you can take to help.

As a North London Chiropractor with a busy practice in Muswell Hill I see patients daily whose lives are impacted by back and neck pain.

If you are a regular commuter then here is some advice for reducing the risk of suffering back pain whether you are taking Public Transport or Driving.

Public Transport

Start by wearing comfortable footwear. If you find yourself having to stand on Public Transport, not uncommon in London, then make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Always hold onto a rail for support and balance but make sure you are holding on comfortably – where possible, try and avoid overstretching or overreaching as that puts more stress on your back.

If you do get a seat then maintain a good seated posture. Make sure your bottom is against the back of the seat. If possible your shoulder blades should be touching the backrest of the seat.

Are you using a laptop or tablet during your journey? Then you want to watch your posture and follow the same guidelines as if you are using the laptop in any other place. To minimise neck tension the device needs to ideally be rested on a table and not on your lap. Your arms should be flat and your elbows level with the surface your device is on.


A daily commute by car offers no less risk of back pain. In fact driving remains one of the key triggers for back pain.

Always adjust the seat, head rest and steering wheel for your specific requirements before heading off on any journey. Also to avoid slouching try adjusting the mirror so you can only see it when sitting upright.

Here is a video from the BCA that offers step by step advice to ensure you Mind Your Posture while driving and minimise the risk of suffering from back pain.

If you are suffering back pain then why not visit us at Muswell Hill Chiropractic where will be able to advise you on this. Why not take advantage of our First Visit Special Offer.

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