Carrying a heavy bag? Heed this advice from a North London Chiropractor

Last Updated on Monday, 21 July 2014 05:44 Written by Dylan Paydar Thursday, 29 May 2014 05:03

advice from north london chiropractorWomen’s handbags are getting heavier.  With mobile technology increasing so is the weight of bags and carrying heavy bags isn’t restricted to women, nearly one in 10 men purchased a bag last year.

As a Chiropractor in North London I am increasingly  seeing  patients who are carrying heavy bags.  Large bags can sometimes weigh up to 3kgs and that’s empty! Not only can the weight be a problem but the bag can become more awkward to carry.

This can lead to neck and shoulder strain for the carrier as well as having a long term effect on their posture.  Poor posture in turn can often be the cause of back neck.

To avoid injuring yourself and causing long term postural problems, I advise you to follow the following tips:

  • Check the content of your bag on a daily basis and only carry the essentials – this should keep the weight down.  You may be surprised by what you are carrying around in your bag!
  • Use a bag that has a long enough strap that will allow you to carry the bag across your body.  This should ensure that the weight of the bag is as close to your body as possible.
  • Check your posture when you are carrying the bag.  Maintain a good posture and avoid hunching up your shoulders.
  • Balance the contents in the bag and keep the weight of the bag evenly distributed across your body to avoid unnecessary strain and twisting of your body.  Using a rucksack style bag is best of all  -  provided you carry it on both shoulders and the straps are adjusted so that the bag is close to your back.
  • If you must use a shoulder bag, do not carry it on the same shoulder all the time – distribute the weight evenly.

Follow these tips to avoid injuries and strains.  However, if you are suffering with pain or discomfort then why not call  and make an appointment with  us at Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic to find out how  I as an experienced  Chiropractor in North London can help you.

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One of the most common causes of back pain? A North London Chiropractor shares how you can fix it

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 January 2014 11:25 Written by Dylan Paydar Tuesday, 28 January 2014 04:44

back pain at chiropractor north londonAs a North London Chiropractor at Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic, one of the most common problems patients come to us with is back pain. It often comes as a surprise to so many of them how their lifestyle affects their back.

Poor posture may lead to back pain

If you find yourself:

  • Spending  hours a day sitting at a desk or at a computer
  • Slouching on the sofa for a few hours watching TV
  • Sleeping on a mattress that’s too soft or too hard
  • Hunching your back and shoulders in stressful situations

then you may well find that your posture is suffering.

And as many of our patients learn, poor posture may lead to back pain.

Making postural changes

As a chiropractor we advise patients on changes they can make to improve their posture. This can include exercises and lifestyle changes.

In addition we recommend that they incorporate a simple 3 minute programme into their daily routine that will help improve their posture.

Don’t wait until you have back pain

However,  don’t wait until you have back pain to start making change to improve your posture – start now.

The Straighten Up UK programme has been developed by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA).

It has been designed to improve posture and help reduce the risk of back pain and specifically to:

  • Promote balance
  • Strength and
  • Flexibility in your spine

You can view the video below. The exercises can be adapted to suit individual capabilities. However, if you are elderly or have ongoing health conditions you should always discuss any new exercise programmed with your GP, chiropractor or other health care practitioner before you start.

If you are suffering back pain then why not give us a call at Muswell Hill Chiropractic clinic to get some help now.

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Lounging in the sun can result in more than sunburn – avoid back pain this summer with advice from a North London Chiropractor

Last Updated on Thursday, 25 July 2013 10:52 Written by Dylan Paydar Thursday, 25 July 2013 10:48

avoid back pain advice north london chiropractorWith the heatwave continuing in Britain, more and more of us are taking to lounging in the sun. However, this can result in more than sunburn if we don’t take care.

With recent consumer research* finding that 44% of the UK population are suffering back and neck pain, it may be surprising for some that lying down or sitting can trigger symptoms of back pain.

Lying or sitting in one position for an extended period of time can have a negative impact on our posture, often leading to poor posture. As an experienced chiropractor in North London, I know that poor posture can often be a contributory factor to back and neck pain.

Here are some simple tips to avoid back and neck pain while still enjoying the beautiful sunshine and all its benefits:

  • Make sure you move around and change your sitting or lying position at least every 20 – 30 minutes. You want to have a good stretch and shake out all the tension in your muscles.
  • Don’t lie on your stomach with your back and neck in an arched position. This can especially be a problem if you are reading a book on a lounger. Try putting the book on the floor so you can look at it over the edge of the lounger. Or even better listen to an audio book.
  • Make sure to warm up and stretch before taking part in any outdoor games. While they can be lots of fun, they can often result in injury if you’re not prepared.
  • Keep hydrated – drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Incorporate the Straighten Up UK programme into your daily routine to improve and maintain a good posture.

You can watch the Straighten Up UK video here – it’s only 3 minutes long.

We hope you enjoy the sunshine and keep your back safe this summer.

If you are experiencing back or neck pain then why not visit us at Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic.

Call us now on 020 8442 0008 and ask about our Limited Time, Half Price offer.

Dylan Paydar at Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic
Committed to helping the health and well-being of people in North London
Including Muswell Hill, Finchley, Highgate and Southgate

*research undertaken on behalf of the British Chiropractic Association

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