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Last Updated on Monday, 21 July 2014 06:03 Written by Dylan Paydar Wednesday, 14 May 2014 03:55

back pain advice from north london chiropractorSociety has become “supremely arrogant” by ignoring the importance of sleep and the body clock  –  so warn leading scientists.

Reduced sleep has been linked to many health problems including cancer, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.  It can also impact our general mood and physical wellbeing.

As an experienced chiropractor in North London,  I am well aware of the negative impact that poor sleep has on patients.

There are many factors that can impact our quality of sleep and one of these can be the mattress on our bed,  so it is important to check the mattress and ensure it is not beyond its best.

How do you know if your current bed/mattress needs replacing?

Here are 3 questions for you to answer:

1. Are you sleeping comfortably through the night?

If you’re not, then the problem may be your mattress.

2. Can you feel the springs through the mattress?

If you can then buying a new mattress should be high on your list.

3. Is your mattress more than 10 years old?

Mattresses do wear out which leads to loss of support and increased discomfort. A well-used mattress is probably going to be in need of replacing after 10 years.

Unfortunately not having the ‘right’ mattress can also lead to back pain. In fact research undertaken by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) found that of the people surveyed who were experiencing back pain, 41% of women and 36% of men said their pain could be brought on by a night’s so-called ‘rest’.

If you are experiencing back pain and you feel that it is worse after being in bed then this is again a sure sign for you to carry out the above checks on your mattress.  Why not give us a call and make an appointment to visit us at Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic in North London and see if we can help you.

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Back Pain – it could be your mattress. Dylan Paydar from Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic in North London offers this advice

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 January 2013 11:58 Written by Dylan Paydar Tuesday, 22 January 2013 11:53

back pain advice from north london chiropractorDid you know that your bed could be the cause of your back pain?

The results of research undertaken by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) in 2011 showed that 41% of women and 36% of men who said they experienced back pain also said that their back pain could be brought on by a night’s so called ‘rest’.

Choosing the right bed and mattress can minimise factors that lead to and aggravate back pain. Given that it is estimated that we spend more than a third of our lives in bed, choosing the right mattress can have a significant impact on the quality of our lives.

As a chiropractor in North London, Dylan often gets asked by his patients for advice on selecting a new mattress. Here are a few questions that patients often ask about their mattress with some answers:

How do I know if my mattress needs to be replaced?

The first question to ask yourself is whether you and your partner are getting good quality comfortable night’s sleep. If you are not then your mattress may be the problem.

If your mattress is older than 10 years then it is probably time to consider purchasing a new one. Mattresses just like most things wear out and with time start to sag and lose support.

A good sign that your mattress is on its last legs is when you can feel the springs through the mattress. If your mattress has reached this point, then it’s time to visit your local mattress shop.

Should I sleep on a hard or soft mattress?

The main factor to consider is whether the mattress provides you with the support you need. Some of this comes down to your weight. For examples a heavier person may need a firmer mattress than a lighter person.

How do I decide what’s right for me?

A best test to determine whether the mattress is too soft or too firm is to lie on it. When you lie on it your spine should be parallel to the mattress. If you find your spine is sagging then the mattress is too soft. If your spine is bowing then the mattress is too hard.

And remember, your pillow should be an extension of the mattress and allow your neck to continue in line with your spine.

What if my partner needs a different type of mattress?

When choosing a mattress it is important to go with your partner to ensure that the mattress you choose is right for both of you. If you find that you need different types of mattresses you should consider choosing a bed from a range that allows for two single mattresses to be zipped together.

In summary, you have to remember that choosing a mattress is a very personal thing and there is no ‘one fit suits all’ solution. If you think you need a new mattress then spend as much time as possible looking for the right one for you. You’ll be glad you did.

The British Chiropractic Association has put together a video with more information to help you choose a mattress that’s right for you. The video is 3:30 minutes long so please take a look at it here.!

Here is an advice sheet to accompany the video.

Sometimes people find that having replaced an old mattress they still experience back pain, if this is the case for you then professional advice or even treatment may be needed. Our chiropractor at Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic who will be able to advise you on this. Why not take advantage of our First Visit Special Offer.

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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You – North London Chiropractor shares this insight …

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 January 2013 11:38 Written by Dylan Paydar Tuesday, 15 January 2013 11:38

Sleeping advice from North London ChiropractorPremier Inn, the budget hotel chain, recently undertook a research study alongside Robert Phipps, a leading British body language expert, to reveal what peoples’ sleeping positions say about them.  In particular the report reveals that the position a person sleeps in reflects their mood, stress level and even their personality.

The research looked at the four most common sleeping positions people adopt and have come up with their hypothesise as to what the body language tells us about how the person is feeling when they are asleep and how that may affect them when they wake up and throughout the day.

The four positions are named The Foetal, The Log, Yearner and Freefaller.

The Foetal position is as the name suggests is where a person is curled as in the womb. It is regarded as reflecting the person is subconsciously trying to de-stress in their sleep.  58% of people surveyed sleep in The Foetal position.

The Log position is where the person is lying straight with their arms by their side. The report highlights that this sleeping position may point to a person being stubborn and set in their ways. 28% of people reported sleeping in this position.

The Yearner is a position where a person sleeps on their side with their arms stretched out. This position is believed to reflect that the person is constantly searching for new challenges to try and reach for their dreams.

The Freefaller as the name suggests is a position where a person is sleeping on their front with their arms above their head as if they are freefalling. This position reveals that the person is stressed, anxious and feeling out of control.

Although this is a light hearted look at sleeping posture, people often comment that Londoners have high levels of stress. While stress is not an illness in itself it can cause serious illness if it is not addressed. It is important to recognise the symptoms of stress and find ‘healthy’ ways to cope with it. Some of the more effective ways of managing stress include learning relaxation techniques, taking regular exercise and applying good time management techniques into your daily life.

At Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic we treat patients who come to us with stress related conditions. The stress can develop into muscular and joint tension causing physical pain. Frequently these pains occur in back, neck and shoulder regions. Chiropractic treatment can help relieve these pains.

If you are suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain the why not visit us to see how we may be able to help you. You can take advantage of our First Visit Assessment. This is a comprehensive assessment that we undertake to find out what is at the root of your condition and how best to treat you.

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