20 years old this year … Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic in North London celebrates

muswell hill chiropractic clinic north londonWhen I established my practice at Muswell Hill in 1994, I knew I had chosen the perfect location.  The people were very welcoming and I felt I gained the trust of the community.

I established the clinic with a simple mission …

We are dedicated to the Relief of Pain

The Restoration of Health and

The Enhancement of Human Performance

And upholding this mission is as important to me today as it was 20 years ago.

Since Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic was established, 20 years ago,  I have treated thousands of patients and the clinic has grown based on its reputation for helping patients.

Patients like these …

“Dylan Paydar is a marvellous chiropractor. The results have been miraculous. I had serious back problems that now give me no issues” – A. B.

“Not sure how I would have coped without Dylan’s Paydar treatment” S. C.

“Chiropractic care really makes a difference. I highly recommend it and Dylan Paydar” – L. D.

“Dylan Paydar is very skilled because he can identify the specific treatment necessary and has a great touch” – A. B.

“I am in less pain and feel like I am making progress. Very happy with this practice” – R. S.

If you are in pain or discomfort then why not give us a call at Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic in North London and book an appointment with me to find out how I can help you.


Muswell-Hill-Chiropractic-Clinic-LogoDylan Paydar at Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic

Committed to improving the health and well-being of people in North London including Muswell Hill, Finchley, Highgate, Crouch End and Southgate

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