It’s Springtime – time for some gardening but take care of your back says a North London Chiropractor

safe gardening by North London Chiropractor Dylan PaydarIt’s officially spring time and many of you are getting out into your gardens at this time of year.  While gardening does provide some exercise for you it is not without its risks!

As an experienced chiropractor in a busy Chiropractic Clinic in North London, I frequently see patients who have overdone their gardening work and are suffering from the experience.  Frequently they have back pain or neck and shoulder pain and some have knee pain.

Many of these problems could have been avoided by following some basic advice.

If you’re intending to get out into your garden this Spring then take heed and follow this advice.

Also take some time to watch a helpful video that the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has put together. This provides good demonstrations for you to follow and put into practice when gardening.

Here goes with some advice for you to keep your back safe and happy while gardening:

Clothing – Wear loose comfortable clothing that are not too tight and may hamper your movement.

Warm Up first – As I mentioned,  gardening offers an opportunity for taking exercise and just like taking any form of exercise it is important to warm up first.  Start with some stretches and then move onto lighter jobs before taking on the heavier jobs.

Avoid bending and over stretching – When weeding or planting,  use a knee pad to kneel down on and get as close as possible to the area you are working on.  If you’re pruning,  use long-handled secateurs to reach plants and shrubs.

Take regular breaks – Don’t spend more than 20 -30 minutes on any one task – vary your activity. Make sure you take regular breaks.

If you are suffering back pain why not call us and arrange an appointment with us at Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic in North London.


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