Save your back at lunch – Tips from a leading Chiropractor in North London

North London ChiropractorWorking in today’s economic climate is very demanding. Employers expect a lot from us and we are often very busy. This can sometimes lead to us working at full speed and often eating lunch in the office.  It seems many of us would prefer to quickly eat lunch at our desk so we can carry on working.  This comes with many problems.  Not only is this not mentally healthy but it can also damage your back.

Staying in one position for a significant amount of time puts stress on your body.  So hunching over your desk while you eat your lunch is not a good idea.

As a leading Chiropractor in North London I feel it is my duty to advise you to treat yourself better.  It is very important you take a break from your work and to get up and walk around.  Don’t sit in one place for too long, never more than 45 minutes if you can help it.  Get up and go for a walk, make a drink and have a brief chat.  Make sure you limber up and stretch as well.

If you can’t get away from your desk then you need to ensure:

  • You are sitting comfortably and in a relaxed manner – Make sure your bottom is against the back of the seat with your shoulder blades touching the back rest of the seat.
  • You are sitting with your feet flat on the ground, knees bent with a slope between your hips and knees. You should have your hips placed higher than your knees.
  • You are sitting with your eye level in line with the top of your computer screen

In my Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic I see patients suffering from back pains all the time. If you don’t look after yourself and your posture in the office you too could face back pain.  At all times try and take your lunch away from your desk and if you can’t then it is important you follow the advice above.

If you feel like you need any further advice or a one-to-one session to avoid any back and neck pains please contact us at the Muswell Hill Chiropractic Clinic on 020 8442 008.


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