Sports Injuries: Can a chiropractor help? North London Chiropractor Dylan Paydar explains more

Sports injury treatment at North London Chiropractor As a chiropractic clinic in North London we often treat patients who have sustained sports injuries.  Indeed we’ve built up a bit of a reputation for getting people back to full fitness. And, we offer help and advice on how to avoid repeating similar injuries in the future.

Anyone who plays sport on a regular basis is liable to suffer an injury at some time, such as a slip, fall, or collision and also have the potential for a repetitive stress or overuse injury.

It is not surprising that we treat patients with:

  • Knee pain due to wear and tear
  • Lower back pain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Frozen shoulder/shoulder joint problems
  • Planta fasciitis (a condition causing foot pain)
  • Neck pain

Broadly speaking, sports injuries can be classified as either traumatic or overuse type injuries. Traumatic injuries are usually sustained in contact type sports such as football or rugby. Treatment depends on the degree of damage sustained by the patient. We also take into account the patient’s age and how severe the injury actually is.

Overuse injuries are sustained as a result of repetitive actions being undertaken. The patients coming in for treatment are runners, cyclists, people who do yoga, as well as those playing sports like golf, tennis or bowling – essentially sports or activities that require the participant to make the same movement repeatedly. When it comes to treating overuse or repetitive strain injuries we can also help.

Chiropractors can help with treating such sports injuries and give advice such as warming-up properly before exercise, advice that is tailored to you, which can be a major factor on some muscle injuries especially if you tend to tense in one area.

Patients tell us they are surprised at the rate of recovery once chiropractic treatment starts. A chiropractor will also give you tips on how to manage the injury and avoid further instances occurring.

But let’s not forget that the types of sports injuries we deal with on a daily basis aren’t just limited to those doing athletes or other sports. We treat a wide range of similar injuries not sustained when playing sports!

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